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Frequently asked Questions

Ink and Toner Cartridges – Frequently asked Questions

If I use non-original ink in my printer will the printer’s warranty be voided?

Absolutely not. It is your right as a consumer to choose the brand of ink for your printer. The manufacturer of the printer can’t force you to use their ink and toner cartridges. They would really like you to use them, because these OEM  ink and toner cartridges are overpriced and this is how manufacturers make their money. Not on the printer, but on their ink and toner cartridges.

Using Calidad ink in the correct way in the correct printer will not void the printer’s warranty and it will save you considerable amount of money.

Why choose Calidad inkjet cartridges or refillers over other alternative inkjet products?

Calidad inkjet products are quality products, which have been extensively researched to work perfectly with each individual printer brand and model. Calidad has been in the business since 1977 and produce high quality products for very compatible price. Their products are easy-to-use and deliver printouts comparable to that of OEM products, whilst saving the consumer up to 80% on the original cartridge cost.

Why isn’t there a Calidad alternative cartridge for all original carts?

The design of these cartridges includes the printhead in the cartridge itself (other cartridges are ‘”ink tank” type where the printhead is built into the printer, and not part of the cartridge itself). These Canon, Lexmark and Hewlett Packard cartridges are patented. Calidad is unable to produce alternatives. Calidad supplies Refillers for these cartridges so they can be recycled with a cost saving of up to 80% on original cartridge costs. Calidad also supplies Calidad Green Recharged cartridges for some HP and Lexmark printers, which are used original cartridges, which have been cleaned and refilled with quality Calidad inks. These Calidad Green cartridges offer around a 30% saving on the new original cartridge prices.

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What is a Compatible Printer Cartridge

What is a Difference between Compatible Printer Cartridge and Re-manufactured Printer Cartridge

A compatible printer cartridge coming from a different organization in contrast to company’s printer, did not authorize these to make. They are only made by the company, and also to make sure that they work with your printer.

A recycled printer cartridge on the other hand, has been used  in the other printer cartridge and is now returned, because there is no toner left. Recycling guarantees, producing a new one  make of printer cartridge to provide a quality product.

When looking at quality, recycled printer cartridges retain as much as possible of the original parts. Generally the main objective in the developing countries is to manufacture a new printer cartridge as cheaply as possible. In this process, they create a new component, closely match the original quality and imitate the functionality of the original cartridge.

Currently, the re-manufactured printer cartridges, are from the cheaper range. Every single aspect of re-manufactured printer cartridge goes through a complete price evaluation and these printer cartridges are very cheap.

The best way is to buy high quality compatible printer cartridges from the reliable source, which are not re-manufactured. One of the most reliable sources is Calidad, which provides High Quality ink and toner printer cartridges for major brands.

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